Time Mail

So a few years ago I had this idea for a book in which the premise is that scientists, through an accidental discovery, found a portal to the past using a particle accelerator. When the particles would collide it would allow radio waves, a short burst of microwaves, to pass through the resulting black hole that was formed for a millionth of a second. Messages sent back in time (i.e. Time Mail) are sent digitally to the recipient in the past, which causes the timeline to change. This means that significant care must be taken to ensure that it is not misused, and even resulted in legislation called the “Timeline Change Act.”

In my version of this story, 99.99% of the population does not notice when the timeline shifts, those that do simply experience slight headaches, or whatever. However, the constant changing of the timeline through the sending of messages is causing the timeline to become unstable, and random changes are occurring. However, since the majority do not notice, they do not believe it is real. A single mother’s son disappears one morning for no reason, no record of his life exists. She’s not sure where to turn, but she stumbles across an article about a researcher at the local university who indicated that the timeline fractures were real and they would get worse. She goes to see him, finds out he was one of the original researchers who discovered the ability to send messages back in time, until the Time Mail Corporation founder, his ex-partner, cut him out of the big plans. Together they take on the giant corporation in a desperate attempt to send one message back in time to prevent any of it from ever happening.

I began writing my version of this story a few months ago, and got a few workable chapters, but as with most things I get sidetracked by other priorities and now the story sits, unfinished. Doesn’t matter though, I have plenty more story ideas to work with.


The Dinner Diner 4


This is an example of an interview that I would like to experience, rather than the one where the person leads you to believe one thing, and then turns into the monster after they have the job.


The Dinner Diner 3


In this strip I tried to play around with inking instead of just the plain pencil. It worked okay, but I think I need a different type of ink pen. Also, I didn’t wait long enough for the ink to dry and it smudged a bit.

I eliminated the pencil text and replaced it with computer text using Microsoft Draw.


The Dinner Diner 2

Chef 01

Still flowing along with the silly behavior one might find in a restaurant. This is an example that is not too far from the truth. Many times menus get changed because of the chef’s preferences, rather than the customers’.


The Dinner Diner

Chef 02

This starts out an idea I have for a comic strip that I am currently pursuing. Having worked in the food and beverage industry for more than 13 years I have seen my fair share of bizarre behavior and annoying customers. Using these examples, I thought I might be able to cobble together enough ideas to keep a strip going for years. I’m still looking for the best name for the strip.


Elephant and Mouse


Here again using that kids drawing book. Lots of cool ideas in the book, and very simple designs. Great way to start out comic stripping. My kids got a kick out of this one, of course who doesn’t like a good gas joke.

Cool Guy


I saw this guy in this drawing book I have for kids. I thought he we interesting so I drew a few pictures of him, then I put in some words. Typically, one would write the strip first and then draw it, but I wanted to try it backwards to see what happens. The results are not unexpected.

Scientist and Robot

Science Robot

Recently I have taken to writing comic strips as a way to express my ideas, vent frustration, and make my kids laugh. Some are big hits with them, others leave them with their tongue in cheek. As I am just starting out my drawing needs work, and my punch lines are a bit weak. But, enjoy for what it is worth.

Day One

Image This is day one of my new blog. I wanted to start this blog because I have so many ideas, and no where to share them, and simply no ability to implement these ideas myself.

Many would probably be saying, “Don’t give away all your great ideas!” But, the fact remains, I cannot possibly do everything that I want to do either because of lack of time or lack of money. So, If I throw my ideas out there for the world to read about, I can have some satisfaction in knowing that my ideas are helping to shape the world.

I may never get rich giving away ideas, but then usually there is more to life than money. And quite frankly, most of these ideas will require time and effort, so if someone gets rich off my idea, it is only because they did all the work.