The Apocalypse

Another novel, or novella idea I have is an apocalyptic story told from the perspective of a young boy or girl living with his/her family in a homemade bomb shelter, and what that might be like. The feeling of the story would be one of stress with boredom and frustration with the situation, and yet no outlet for this frustration other than the family this individual is living with.

I felt the story would be best told from first person perspective, perhaps in a journal given as a gift to help past the long days locked up in this bomb shelter. I believe that at some point the parents would need to venture out and seek relief for food or help. Then towards the end of the story the individual telling would have no choice but to venture out as well. The title I thought would be interesting would be “If you are reading this I’m probably dead.” It would leave the reader wondering if the individual ever found their family, help, ect.


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