Several years ago I had an idea for a story about a boy who neglected by his parents and simply plopped down in front of the television develops the ability to project himself into the show that he is currently watching. Of course this only occurs in his mind, but is no less real to him than the room around him. The story told from the first person perspective allows the boy to elaborate about his experiences in the various shows. I personally would write about the television shows from the 90’s because that was when I was growing up and watching cartoons, and after school specials; but, this could be written for nearly any period of time.

The story would get interesting when he meets a girl in the television with the same types of abilities, only she is in trouble and needs his help in the real world. As the boy begins to search for this girl in the real world his parents becomes concerned about the situation. I never did figure out how to end the story, but I did want to leave the audience wondering if the ability really was only in his mind, or something more.

My personal goal for this blog when I started was to post each and every day, but with working 40+ hours each week and taking online college courses I am quickly finding out that is an entirely too aggressive goal. So, I’m allowing myself the freedom to scale it back.


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