Story Idea – Hive Mind

NEWS REPORT: Millions of people around the world are committing suicide, and others are dying as they cut into their own heads.

Synopsis: Imagine a world where technology has progressed to the point that you no longer hold it, or even wear it. You integrate it into your body. In the future, everyone will be implanted with computer technology which will enable the human mind to connect instantly to every other human mind throughout the world. This will increase productivity a thousand fold as people no longer need to spend time learning; rather obtain it through instantaneous access to the human collective knowledge.

But strange occurrences are happening all over the globe. People are disconnecting from the hive mind and turning into “drones.” These individuals go about their daily activities, but have lost all essence of their individuality and personality. Experts from around the globe are collaborating to find the cause of this, but only know that it is related to the implants. Mass hysteria sets in as people scramble to have their implants removed.

Spoiler: The cause of the condition is actually a result of the hive mind of humanity. Humanities collective “entity” has decided that human individuality is not important to the survival of the species and is removing it from the minds of the people.

(This might be best suited as a short-story, but could be stretched into a full blown novel. And yes, I know this is loosely based on the Borg from Star Trek, but it still a great idea!)


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