Story Idea – World Network

Back Story – Humanity’s problems are getting worse and people are desperately seeking solutions to the problems. A brilliant programmer develops a virus delivery system that will install special programing on every electronic device around the world. If it’s connected to the web, and can process information, then it becomes part of the solution. This special programing enables each electronic device to become part of one large supercomputer, encompassing the total processing power of the world.

Problem – The virus developer’s partner has tampered with the virus before it is sent out, which enables him to have access to every device without limitations. He can hear, see, and monitor every person on the globe, and use the combined processing power to give him total control. He is now holding the world hostage.
It’s your classic good-guy / bad-guy struggle in which one has an unfair advantage, but the other one wins and gets the girl.
I imagine the bad guy holed up in some bunker somewhere, creating havoc and waiting for everyone to elect him world leader, like that would ever happen.

The good guy has to try and circumvent the ability of the bad guy to track his movements, and using his knowledge against him. Couple that with the bad guy’s ability to control everything electronic and you have a real challenge on your hand.

Spoiler – The good guy overcomes the bad guy by deceiving him into believing that he has developed an anti-virus program. The program is being stored on a flash drive, and the bad guy steals in from him in the end. The good guy convinces the bad guy to install the antivirus program through curiosity, only it isn’t an anti-virus program, its a new virus that overwrites the old one.


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