Story Idea – Natural Disaster – 4/30/14

So there are plenty of stories about people fighting and overcoming natural disasters, most of them in movie format. These natural disasters are in the form of earthquakes, loss of the ozone layer, meteors from outer space, tornadoes, flooding, freezing weather, and I’m sure any combination of those thrown into one story.

I do not deny that these can make for some intense story reading, which is why I wondered where all the fire stories are. I’m not talking about one forest on fire, or one building on fire, I’m talking about the mother of all fires. This fire is so immense, it can be seen not only from space, but from the moon as well (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration).

Backstory:  The (continent of your choice) is experiencing its worst year for rain ever, throughout the entire region. The experts and scientists cannot explain it, and millions of acres of land are dying. The year started out good with plenty of rain, but halfway through the season it stopped raining, and that coupled with an unseasonably warm summer is turning everything to kindling.

Action:  It happens, the wildfire starts (if it were the United States I would pick California because this is probably the most likely spot). Authorities have no hope of stopping the immense fire that it consuming land at an unbelievable rate. Fueled by nearly unlimited dried vegetation and powered by 40 MPH winds the wildfire is racing across the lands. People closest to the epicenter have no time to evacuate, or prepare for the onslaught.  People across the lands receive warnings, for some it’s too late, for others they have no where to go to be safe. People begin pouring into desert regions, and the lakes in Minnesota become a refuge to those who have boats. People in large cities are safe from the fire because of the lack of vegetation, but fire does not necessarily kill by heat. The constant burning is dumping out ash, carbon monoxide, and other toxic chemicals.

The Plot: This is where the fun is, in creating the plot of your story. Obviously the plot will probably center around surviving the fire. But who will be your characters, where will they live, how will they survive, what obstacles will they overcome? Or, perhaps you want to write about after the fire, and what this would be like for people.

Good Luck and happy writing.