The Dinner Diner – 5/27/14

05-27-2014 Diner


Charcoal Flowers – 5/23/14

05-23-2014 Charcoal Flowers

I started this piece about two weeks ago when I wanted to try something complex and visually appealing. I found an image in a magazine that fit my purposes perfectly. I spent about two hours total working on these charcoal flowers. Here is the inspiration:

05-23-2014 Flowers


Charcoal Drawing – 5/9/14

05-09-2014 drawingHere is my first real attempt at drawing with charcoal. I’ve done similar work in the past, but always with graphite, so this was a new experience for me. I found it was difficult to obtain the same level of detail, but this was also nice because I was not going for photorealism. I quickly realized that I have a habit of laying my hand on the paper as I work, but with charcoal this is a big no-no because it smudges so easy.