The Dinner Diner – 6/30/14

06-30-2014 Diner


Motorcycle Airbrush Project – Part 2 – 6/30/14

I finally finished the repainting of my Motorcycle fairing, it took me considerably longer than it should have, but that is because I made a bunch of rookie mistakes. But, I consider this not only a great learning experience, but also a success.  Here is a picture of the motorcycle much how it looked when I bought it:

Katana 02

After I dumped it last year it looked quite a bit worse (as did my hands, elbows, ect). Now here it is all repainted and reassembled. The only thing remaining is to put the blinker covers back on, but I bought the wrong size screws so it’s back to the hardware store in the morning.

Complete 2Complete 1

Motorcycle Airbrush Project – Part 1 – 6/18/14

The real reason I purchased the airbrush was to add some graphics to my motorcycle because the airbrush kit cost only slightly more than purchasing the decals for the motorcycle. I’ve been working up the confidence to start on this project and after a few weeks of research, practice, and contemplation I was finally ready to start. Here are the fairing pieces while I was still fixing them (they were badly scratched and damaged when I bought the bike).

Ferring 01 Ferring 02 Ferring 03


After repainting the fairings (the same color red), I decided to add a flame effect since this is one of the more popular looks on motorcycles and had a ton of ideas from looking at pictures on the Internet. I started by sketching out the basic flame shapes on the fairings with white chalk so I could easily erase them and followed by tracing with .32cm wide patterning tape and then filling in the open spots with masking tape and paper (so the areas would stay clean). It took me about 4 hours to tape these pieces up, there is plenty of intricate work involved. As they say, “The devil is in the details.”


Here are the pieces the night before I sprayed them with a base white. They are now ready for detailing, but I have to make sure I have at least a good 4-5 hours of free time to start that part of the project.