Canvas Painting

HPIM0694Trying to find out who the artist is that painted this, and if it has a name.

I purchased this painting at a local thrift store because I enjoy scenery pictures, and I thought it might be worth more than I paid for it (which wasn’t much). But, I cannot find any discerning information on it, and the artist only put one name “Jenkins”. If you recognize this work, or the artist’s signature, leave me a comment and point me in the right direction.


2 thoughts on “Canvas Painting

  1. One error in this painting I think as looks like light coming from right side so branches on left of tree should be dark not light. The trees on far left could be light and they are in background and not shadowed by big tree.


    • Part of that could be a result of the way I took the picture and the flash of the camera, but I honestly have trouble identifying light and shadow areas. It is one of the abilities that I must improve.


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