Airbrush Bottle- 6/13/14

I took a walk with my kids yesterday and along the road there is plenty of litter, but sometimes you find a gem among the trash. There was an uncrushed aluminum beer bottle lying in the ditch, so I picked it up and brought it home, cleaned it up, and started creating the idea I had formed in my head on the way home. It turned out rather well, and I learned a few things from this.

The majority of the bottle was airbrushed, but the cows and cowboys were brushed by hand.

Painted Bottles


6 thoughts on “Airbrush Bottle- 6/13/14

    • My challenge is that I want to “specialize” in many areas, and often do not take the time to become better at one thing before moving onto the next. I have found that as I get older I am beginning to appreciate improving at my Art. The best advice I ever received was to keep my artwork available so that I can view what I have done in the past and observe how I have advanced. This Blog has been a great tool to keep a count of what I have done, where I have improved, and what I seem to be best at. Thanks for commenting, Carl.


  1. Hey I know that bottle!! TY for getting him OFF the road!!!

    Time is but a moment……How will YOU spend yours?–barbie


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