Motorcycle Airbrush Project – Part 2 – 6/30/14

I finally finished the repainting of my Motorcycle fairing, it took me considerably longer than it should have, but that is because I made a bunch of rookie mistakes. But, I consider this not only a great learning experience, but also a success.  Here is a picture of the motorcycle much how it looked when I bought it:

Katana 02

After I dumped it last year it looked quite a bit worse (as did my hands, elbows, ect). Now here it is all repainted and reassembled. The only thing remaining is to put the blinker covers back on, but I bought the wrong size screws so it’s back to the hardware store in the morning.

Complete 2Complete 1


4 thoughts on “Motorcycle Airbrush Project – Part 2 – 6/30/14

  1. Please don’t dump it ANYMORE!  EXCELLENT Paint-Job!  Show these pics off more and you may find yourself,being hired out to paint more cycles!

    Time is but a moment……How will YOU spend yours?–barbie


    • Considering how much time I put into this project, I plan on being SO careful. Unfortunately, one never intends to have an accident, but there is much that one can do to prevent an accident.


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