Ink Cartridge-less printers

We all know that ink cartridges are nothing but a rip-off and a way for the printer companies to make bundles of money off the consumer, but why hasn’t anyone thought to cash in on the market of cartridge-less (continues ink system) printers. Sure you don’t have the satisfaction of charging $thousands per gallon for ink, but you can make a great deal more selling printers that might save the consumer a few bucks. If you cornered the market on this product, you could rake in millions. I know that with tablets and phones will full-size screens very few people print anymore, but maybe its because ink is so darn expensive!

Continuous flow ink systems have been around for quite awhile now, but these are aftermarket additions for your printer, and I know from experience that they do not work as well as they sound. The hoses get caught in places they shouldn’t, the ink clogs, and they are often just poorly designed. The manufacture of a cartridge-less printer would be able to design such a system right into the unit itself. Then the individual could purchase bulk ink for about $25 a gallon, which would print about 21,000 pages. That’s 43 reams of standard printer paper. It would cost you about $2,700 to purchase that equivalent amount in black ink cartridges. You use that as a marketing plan and you would not only create enemies of all the other printer companies, but build your multi-million dollar company in a matter of months.

The only problem is, that once you have sold everyone your awesome printer, you do not generate residual income.


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