A Work in Progress – 8/29/14

While cleaning out scrap metal from our back forty I discovered several old steel milk containers. They are very rusty, dented, but still in relatively decent shape. I saved these with the intention of painting them white for landscaping projects, but now I want to paint murals on them. The first one I decided to paint with a farm scene on it.



Airbrushed T-Shirt – 8/27/14

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe purchased a Cricut Expressions machine (die cutting) and I used it to cut out a template and airbrushed it for my wife. It turned out way better than I expected. Now I have a few people asking if I can make some shirts for them.

New Art Supplies

Amazon had a sale on an acrylic art supply kit, it was such a good price I just couldn’t resist. Everything is so crisp and new I’m hesitant to mess it up. I’m also waiting for the right inspiration, I hate to waste a perfectly good canvas on a subject that doesn’t feel right. I am excited and reluctant at the same time; do other new artists feel this way?


Jumbo Manga Charcoal

I enjoy creating manga faces primarily because of their ultimate simplicity, and the way they appear when finished. Just playing around with my homemade charcoal and an 18″ x 24″ drawing pad I made a really big manga face. It was fun, and definitely something different. My biggest fear is falling into a routine with my art and creating the same things over and over, I want every piece to be a new experience. (see the pen in the photo for size reference)