The Dinner Diner – 8/19/14


This was one I had been thinking about doing for some time now because I wanted to create  longer strip than I normally had.  Then to just to change things up a bit I used some paints the color it in. I still struggle with flesh tones.



3 thoughts on “The Dinner Diner – 8/19/14

  1. What I love about your comics is that they are funny! You know, that’s hard to do and you do it!
    The additional color really adds to the entire strip. I know it’s lots more work but it makes your comic even better.

    You asked me how I compose mine. Like you, I truly am interested in how others create their work. Next Monday, I’ll share my process. I’ll bet we work in a similar manner!


    • Thanks! I look forward to hearing about your process. I enjoy writing humor, especially when my view on life leaves me laughing at reality. The truth is, there are so many funny things that happen I end up have more funny ideas that I actually have time to create. As of right now, I have ideas for at least 100 strips, and I keep thinking up more every day. This is a problem, but probably a good problem to have.


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