Fun with the Kids – 9/17/14

My two youngest daughters enjoy painting, but they want me to paint with them. I know that kids enjoy doing things with their parents, but I wonder if all art should be a group activity. Is art more fun with multiple people, rather than a lonely artist slaving away in his/her gallery?


I actually enjoy this type of activity, because I get to play around with paint (in this case tempera), and since its just me and the kids I can play around and use their imagination to create a world. For example, trees in reality do not have that variation of color, but to my children it looks like candy trees. However, they were very critical of my rocks, hmmm.


4 thoughts on “Fun with the Kids – 9/17/14

  1. A wonderful activity. They will remember. I remember Dad and I lying on the floor working together in coloring book over 60 years ago. He always found time for me to do these things no matter how hard he worked.


    • It is difficult to set aside that time to work on things with the children. And as they become older it only becomes that more challenging because they have their own things they want to do. I try to cherish each moment with them, because time is fleeting.


  2. FUNNY and awesome all at the same time! Would be interesting to see what they come up with all on their own(not even the “2”-“3″doing it together)—Just to see their VERY own “Vision”!–Maybe give them ideas —separetly–like—how do you see a sunset—how do you see a river—or vision the Ocean,or pets or how you see….HOME—How you see LOVE—the age diff’s of your girls would be interesting to see—what THEY se and feel through art…..(THIS IS A WONDERFUL Thing that you are doing,by the way………).

    Time is but a moment……How will YOU spend yours?–barbie


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