Acrylic Painting – 9/20/14


I finally created my first acrylic on canvas painting. I tried to use the Bob Ross method, but he works in oils, and because Acrylic paint dries faster some of the effects were not the same.

It was exciting and challenging and I plan to do things a bit differently the next time.


7 thoughts on “Acrylic Painting – 9/20/14

  1. I do like the different textures. Can’t believe its your first one. I always try to get the overall scene done then take away something positive from it. Anything to keep motivated to keep trying. Its hard to have the patience to try the same painting or drawing over and over again so take what you did well and run with it. – Bob would be happy. But did you call them happy little trees as you painted them?

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    • Thank you for your kind words. Patience is one thing that I am slowly learning, this painting probably only took me 45 minutes to complete. I should have taken a bit more time with it, but the paints I was using dry so quickly. I’ve learned a bit more since then so I don’t have to feel so rushed. I didn’t say “happy little trees” out loud, but I was certainly thinking it.


  2. A very, very good first try. Tree trunk on left edge too thick to have top leaves. I would extend it to very top edge letting it go on as is off the canvas so no top and leaves all the way up. Good simple reflection off the water. .


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