Christmas Coloring Pages

For a Christmas project I drew the following pages for my kids and I to color. It was a lot of fun, so I thought I would share with anyone who wanted to have a little fun coloring. I know there are plenty of free coloring pages on the web, but how often do you get to know who the artist was? 🙂

(Just click the image and it should load, then right click it and select “save image as,” or print directly from your browser)

Christmas Coloring4Christmas Coloring2Christmas Coloring 1Christmas Coloring3


Painting – Windswept Clouds

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn my way to work one morning a series of clouds had formed the most unusual shapes. They almost appeared to be fish, or dolphins, in the sky. There was perhaps a dozen of these floating along on the wind. I wish I had been able to stop and photograph them, but either way I knew I had to paint them. They only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was a wonderful gift of inspiration.


Guest Comic – 11/14/14

Today’s guest comic comes from my daughter, who was so inspired by my Christmas greeting post that she wanted to create one of her own.

Abby ComicIf you can’t tell from the drawing, this poor lady’s stove is on fire. I have to agree, the turkey is probably ready.


The Dinner Diner – Punchline


This strip needs a punch-line, what do you think it should be?

I started this comic with a few ideas in my mind, but when I started to pencil in the words none of them felt right. I thought up and dismissed about 20 different punch lines, maybe you can find the right one!


The Dinner Diner – 11/5/14


I was trying to convey sarcasm in the last panel, but I think it may have come off as exasperation. As a chef, my boss is typically trying to tell me what people want, but it’s usually the wrong people.  If one person wants something, this is not a trend.