The Dinner Diner – Punchline


This strip needs a punch-line, what do you think it should be?

I started this comic with a few ideas in my mind, but when I started to pencil in the words none of them felt right. I thought up and dismissed about 20 different punch lines, maybe you can find the right one!


12 thoughts on “The Dinner Diner – Punchline

  1. I think that the punch line is already there. Just have the waiter standing there quietly as the customer says
    “I only eat healthy. Tell me why your food is good for me.” Then show the close-up of the waiter’s face saying
    “It’s food and it’s healthy.”


  2. You miss-spelled the word ” healthy ” Sometimes we do that and do not notice it when we leave out a letter in a word. I didn’t notice it either and just now I saw that you left out the letter ” h ” after the ” t “.


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