Multi-Canvas Paintings

A photo on Multiple Canvas

A photo on Multiple Canvas

So, I created a multi-canvas device that allows an artist to create multiple paintings at the same time. “So What?,” you might say. Allow me to elaborate on the significance of this. There exist many good reasons to create multi-canvas paintings.

#1 – Multiple canvases are often a better price than one large canvas. Using multiple canvases you can create the same impression as one large canvas, but at a fraction of the cost. You can usually buy multi-packs of canvas at a local hobby store for $10-20.

#2 – Multi-canvas paintings are still pretty rare, and this is probably a result of the challenges of creating these paintings, which my device eliminates. But, a search of the web reveals that multi-canvas painting PRINTS are on the rise. People want these unique artwork, but I know they prefer the real thing over a print.

#3 – Multi-canvas paintings demand a higher price than a single painting. Artwork over multiple canvas have a much more striking appearance, often dominate the room, and have an air of complexity about them. For these reasons, an artist can receive better compensation than a single canvas.

#4 – Multi-canvas paintings are often unframed because the edges of the canvas are painted as well. This reduces the overall cost of the artwork significantly.

I’m sure by now you can see the value in owning my invention, and really want one for yourself, or an artist you know. You can order one at:

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