I Voted – 10/31/14

Okay, I haven’t voted  yet, but I plan on hitting those polls on Tuesday and exercising that right to elect.

Countless people have given their lives for our freedom; not voting does each of them a great dishonor. Use this cool tool and get out there. If not for yourself, then for everyone else who doesn’t get a voice. Thank you.


Full Moon – 10/9/14

There was a full moon last night and it was just too pretty to not photograph. Yesterday morning was the Blood Moon, and I got up early to see that. Unfortunately, in my location it was really not that impressive, and totally not photogenic. And to be totally honest, I could just play around with the color settings in Picasa to make this photo look like the blood moon, but I won’t.


Flying Machine Model

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor my Daughter’s school assignment on Monday we assembled a da Vinci Flying Machine replica model. This device is based on original Leonardo da Vinci drawings (with a few modifications added). We picked this up at the Hobby Lobby on clearance. It was the perfect project for school because it took about 4 hours to complete.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAccording to the manufacture, Leonardo had many good ideas and was close to designing a craft that would have flow, but he did not understand many of the important flight dynamics, such as lift, thrust, and drag. So, his designs were doomed to fail.

Complete, the device works almost perfect with the turning of the crank resulting in movement of the wings and the person flying the device. Fun!

A sad week for humanity

I have not been posting this week because I had been dealing with an issue at home, which required time and zapped me of inspiration. I discovered at the beginning of the week that my motorcycle, which I had spent so much time painting, had been stolen from my residence. Two days after reporting it stolen the police were able to recover it. It was found 40 miles south of my home.

From what I can piece together the bike was spotted in one town, there was a high speed chase into another town where the person lost control of the bike and wiped out, they then escaped on foot. The rider was ID’d by the authorities, but has not yet been arrested. Yesterday I went and picked up the bike, and aside from the wipeout damage, new paint job, and broken key locks the bike is in relatively good condition. They did manage to put 600 miles on it though. Here are the sad pictures:



Airbrush Bottle- 6/13/14

I took a walk with my kids yesterday and along the road there is plenty of litter, but sometimes you find a gem among the trash. There was an uncrushed aluminum beer bottle lying in the ditch, so I picked it up and brought it home, cleaned it up, and started creating the idea I had formed in my head on the way home. It turned out rather well, and I learned a few things from this.

The majority of the bottle was airbrushed, but the cows and cowboys were brushed by hand.

Painted Bottles


Airbrush Art – 6/13/14

My oldest loves Monster anything, so I took out the airbrush and got creative. The only thing she didn’t like was the fact that she was worried I might mess it up, so she gave me an old shirt to use. Now she has a shirt she loves that is falling apart. I told her it just adds to the character. I’m really digging this airbrush!


Canvas Painting

HPIM0694Trying to find out who the artist is that painted this, and if it has a name.

I purchased this painting at a local thrift store because I enjoy scenery pictures, and I thought it might be worth more than I paid for it (which wasn’t much). But, I cannot find any discerning information on it, and the artist only put one name “Jenkins”. If you recognize this work, or the artist’s signature, leave me a comment and point me in the right direction.