As I continue to work on building my business I have been hunting for stock photos and other examples of image sets of multiple canvas (or panel) paintings and the like. It occurred to me that there must be a name for these, and it turns out there are several different names, all based on Greek root words, but most pertaining to the number of panels used. The main word is POLYPTYCH which means “many panels.” Typically, there is one primary painting which is then surrounded by multiple smaller paintings relating to the larger painting. These were especially popular around the renaissance period, most often seen in churches. Here are few famous examples:

Ghent Altarpiece: Jan van Eyck (1432)
Polyptych of Santa Caterina (Pisa Polyptych)

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Website Up!

It took several trials and errors, and it’s still not 100%, but my company’s website is finally up and working, you can check it out at www.golenproducts.com

Golen Products Logo 02

Now I’ve been working on building more of The Artist’s Helper, creating marketing materials, instructions, and thinking about a few YouTube videos (coming soon). It’s amazing how much there is to do when building a business, especially while trying to work full time and raise a family. But, in will pay off in the long run with more free time and more flexibility to enjoy spending time with friends and family.

If you have any suggestions on how/where to market my products I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Please help spread the word by re-posting my blogs, or sharing in other ways (tweet, FB, Pintrest, ect).

The Artist's Helper, Multi-Canvas Support

The Artist’s Helper, Multi-Canvas Support

Slowly getting there

My product can now be found on Etsy here, and on Ebay here. I’ve also begun building a website at http://www.golenproducts.com, but it’s not as easy as I hoped. Plus I keep spending a lot of time trying to find the perfect templates and plugins. I’m using WordPress.org to edit my web page, but it is more complex then expected. But I am surging forward.

I do hope you will take the time to visit one of my listings. It’s at least nice to see the page views go up, even though I haven’t made any sales yet.

And please feel free to leave me some thoughts and feedback when you do. Thank you.


The Artist’s Helper

Multi-Canvas Paintings

A photo on Multiple Canvas

A photo on Multiple Canvas

So, I created a multi-canvas device that allows an artist to create multiple paintings at the same time. “So What?,” you might say. Allow me to elaborate on the significance of this. There exist many good reasons to create multi-canvas paintings.

#1 – Multiple canvases are often a better price than one large canvas. Using multiple canvases you can create the same impression as one large canvas, but at a fraction of the cost. You can usually buy multi-packs of canvas at a local hobby store for $10-20.

#2 – Multi-canvas paintings are still pretty rare, and this is probably a result of the challenges of creating these paintings, which my device eliminates. But, a search of the web reveals that multi-canvas painting PRINTS are on the rise. People want these unique artwork, but I know they prefer the real thing over a print.

#3 – Multi-canvas paintings demand a higher price than a single painting. Artwork over multiple canvas have a much more striking appearance, often dominate the room, and have an air of complexity about them. For these reasons, an artist can receive better compensation than a single canvas.

#4 – Multi-canvas paintings are often unframed because the edges of the canvas are painted as well. This reduces the overall cost of the artwork significantly.

I’m sure by now you can see the value in owning my invention, and really want one for yourself, or an artist you know. You can order one at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GolenProductsLLC?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Thanks for reading

In Production – The Artist’s Helper

Artist's Helper with Canvas

Artist’s Helper with Canvas

It’s taken many hours of hard work, plenty of trial and error, and nerves of steel, but I finally began production of my invention and establishment of my business.

The Artist’s Helper (a multi canvas device) is now available for purchase on Etsy and soon Ebay. The final design works better because it holds the canvas much more securely.

The name of my business is Golen Products LLC, and you can view the item on Etsy at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GolenProductsLLC?ref=l2-shopheader-name


The Artist’s Helper

The Artist’s Helper – update

I have been working diligently trying to get a functioning prototype going and I finally completed it yesterday. I was able to make the unit function appropriately, and it held the canvases perfectly. I still need to make some adjustments and investments before I can begin producing them. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you are interested in purchasing one, please post a comment and I’ll contact you when they are available.

Here are some new pictures of The Artist’s Helper:



Guest Comic – 11/14/14

Today’s guest comic comes from my daughter, who was so inspired by my Christmas greeting post that she wanted to create one of her own.

Abby ComicIf you can’t tell from the drawing, this poor lady’s stove is on fire. I have to agree, the turkey is probably ready.


The Dinner Diner – Punchline


This strip needs a punch-line, what do you think it should be?

I started this comic with a few ideas in my mind, but when I started to pencil in the words none of them felt right. I thought up and dismissed about 20 different punch lines, maybe you can find the right one!